Get cash without having to sell your crypto holdings

DeFi borrowing made easy — for everyone

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) lending protocols are applications that run on blockchain networks like Ethereum and allow users to borrow or lend crypto assets. Rocko’s simple-to-use platform reduces the time and complexity so consumers of all levels can easily borrow cash¹ or USDC from popular DeFi protocols — starting with Compound.

Learn more about the benefits and risks of DeFi borrowing here.

Borrow up to 83% of the value of your Ether — with flexible loan terms²

Use Rocko to access better loan-to-value ratios, more competitive rates, and more flexible loan terms than offered by many traditional lenders. Take out your loan for as little or as long as you like.3 And, with no monthly minimum payments!

Use your loan for things like:

Real Estate Purchases
Paying Down Higher-Rate Debt
And Much More

Use your loan how you want

With Rocko, you can quickly get funds with no credit check required. Use your loan to purchase real estate, pay down higher-rate debt, make everyday purchases, and much more.

1USD is only available to U.S. Coinbase users at this time. All users can convert their USDC loan into USD or other fiat via crypto exchanges.

2The max loan-to-value ratio is set by Compound. Interest rates are offered by Compound lending protocol and fluctuate in real-time based on market forces. Learn more about floating interest rates here.

3Loans offered by Compound are open-ended meaning borrowers can repay at any time as long as the loan-to-value ratio for their loan remains below the liquidation threshold. Learn more here.

Security-First Design

Audited DeFi Protocols Only

Rocko only supports lending protocols that have undergone third-party security audits.


Rocko wallets are non-custodial, meaning only you have access to any funds held in them.

Passkeys Protection

Leverage Passkeys for greater security when authorizing transactions.

Comprehensive Loan Dashboard

View Key Information

View key information such as your current balance, interest rate, and collateral buffer.

Manage Your Loan

Borrow more, make payments, or modify your collateral at anytime.

Projected Values Calculator

Before committing to a payment or collateral modification, see how it would impact your loan with Rocko’s projected values calculator.

Track Rewards

Track any rewards earned from lending protocols like Compound.